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When to Change Your tires

Check Your Tires!

Did you know that driving with bald tires can be just as dangerous as driving under the influence of alcohol? With bald tires, you can’t control your car as well as you would with fresh tires. With less control of your vehicle, you are more likely to be catastrophically injured in an auto accident. That’s right – auto accidents caused by bald tires can be incredibly dangerous, and they’re wreaking havoc on our roads.

When to Change Your Tires

Tires Cause Wrecks

Bald tires are more likely to slip and skid on wet roads. You need traction between your tires and the road to keep your car from slipping out of control. The ridges on your tires create traction. If your tires are balding and don’t have sufficient ridges, there’s no traction to keep them from sliding. This can lead to serious auto accidents, catastrophic injuries, and even fatalities. So, if you’re still rocking those old, bald tires, it’s time for an upgrade. Your safety – and the safety of others – depends on it.

If you aren’t sure about when to change your tires or how to determine if your tread is too low, check out this video by Scott Snellings for some basic tips.

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Navigating the Risks: Increased Traffic, Construction, and Auto Wrecks

North Texas is growing like crazy, and we are experiencing an increase in traffic, road construction, and auto accidents. Some of these wrecks are caused by traffic congestion and road conditions, but the condition of your car can play a role as well. If your car is not in tip-top shape, you don’t have as much control over the vehicle. With less control, you put yourself and other drivers in danger. That’s why you want to make sure your tires are ready to handle rain, lane changes at short notice, and many other conditions.

A blowout can also send your car out of control, causing an accident. When your tire blows out, your car is no longer balanced. It will veer either to the right or the left, depending on the location of the blowout. To avoid blowouts, make sure you’re avoiding construction areas, potholes, and other objects on the road (another reason why tire tread is important: quick lane changes). However, some blowouts are unavoidable due to unseen nails or other sharp objects. In these scenarios, be prepared to steer tightly to counter the blow, avoid braking, and let the car slow on its own.

Highway Hazards: Auto Accidents on Major North Texas Roadways

Some of the major roadways in Frisco, Prosper, Celina, and Sherman are experiencing such auto accidents from worn tires. Highways like the Dallas North Tollway, Highway 380, Interstate 75, and Highway 82 are experiencing single motor vehicle accidents as well as auto wrecks involving multiple vehicles due to someone failing to maintain their tires.

Protect Yourself: Responsible Tire Management

As responsible car owners and drivers, we want to be prepared for everything we encounter on the road to keep ourselves, our families, and others safe. One way to do that is to make sure our tires are in good condition.

Tire tread depth is measured in 32nds of an inch. Your tire tread should be over 2/32 of an inch to have sufficient traction, according to the Texas Department of Public Safety. If you’re unsure whether you’re due for new tires, you can check them by doing the penny test. It’s simple—you just need a penny!

Take the penny and place it in between the treads of the tire. Turn the penny so that Abraham Lincoln’s head is upside down in the tread. If you can see the top of Abraham Lincoln’s head, that indicates your tire tread is below 2/32”, and it’s time to get your tires changed.

Make sure you check each tire. Also, check multiple places on each tire. Some areas may seem more worn than others, and you don’t want to miss any indicators of low tread. This will ensure you have taken the proper measures to drive safely and avoid auto accidents due to low tire tread.

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Handling the Aftermath: Be Prepared After an Auto Accident

None of us wants to be in a wreck or find out our friends or loved ones have been in a car accident. However, being prepared for this can eliminate complications. Many people make mistakes in the beginning stages of an auto accident claim. Knowing the personal injury process before you are in an auto accident will help you avoid those mistakes. It will also ease your stress because you will know what to expect.

We have created a resource to help you understand the personal injury process. It’s our Personal Injury Survival Guide. You can download our Personal Injury Survival Guide here. The guide will walk you through the process as well as answer several frequently asked questions as well as questions you should be asking or thinking about.

Stay Safe: Snellings Law Cares About Your Safety

Be safe out there and remember to check those tires!

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Play Video about Handling a Blown Tire

To learn how to handle a blow tire, watch the video below for tips.

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