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“Mr. Scott and his team are amazing people! After a scary car accident, he helped my family and I every step of the way, and he was able to get us so much more than we could have ever imagined. He was very supportive, caring, and very, very helpful and thoughtful. He changed our lives!” ~Emily 

“Scott and his team helped me with an accident claim I had with Progressive. Progressive fought with me and offered very little in helping me with my claim. So much so I dropped them because of how badly I was treated. I called Scott and they were on the case immediately. Helped me with connecting me with an amazing PT office as well. In the end I was able to collect a check that was tens of thousands more than what progressive offered. I’m so happy I went with Scott. I highly recommend him.” ~Scott 

“Scott is a great lawyer! He fought hard against the big name insurance company and got my family far more than I expected. Scott was so involved in my case at times it seemed like he knew more about what happened than I did and it showed when we showed up to trial. I can’t say enough about him and his staff. Truly an amazing lawyer that cares!” ~Richard 

“Scott and his whole team are amazing! My family and i were in a horrible accident and we put everything in their hands.  The entire team walked us through every step.  And showed they truly care. I will always highly recommend this firm!” ~Laura 

“I cannot recommend Scott highly enough! He was very helpful and responsive to all of my questions. He was able to achieve a great result for me, and I knew what was going on every step of the process. I could tell he cared about me and my problems and I was not just a file number to him. He and his staff were amazing.” ~Heike 

“He is an amazing lawyer! He helped so much after my car accident this year. He took care of everything regarding my personal injury. He is also a very nice person, and his staff is great as well. I would gladly use him again if I need his services. Highly recommend him to anyone!” ~Melissa 

“Scott and his team were AMAZING! I truly felt that they had my best interest as a priority and I would recommend him to all my family & friends.” ~Christy 

Honest and Caring

“Everyone with snellings law was absolutely wonderful. They’re kind. Open and honest. And always have your best interest at heart. They do whatever they can to make your experience with them pleasant and easy. They would always check up on me during my treatment and make sure everything was going well. 5 stars for snellings team!” ~Morgan 

“Professional. Integrity with expertise. Honest, kind and above all Scott Snellings has a heart of gold. Thank you for what you did for our family.” ~Liz 

“Scott and his team took exceptional care of our family making certain that my wife’s injuries were handles by the best medical professionals in the area.” ~Patrick 

“I was rear-ended by a careless driver. Let me start with the basics, I was involved in a car accident that I thought was open/closed case. Same days a few hours later me and my son that was in the vehicle began feeling soreness in our back, neck, nausea and I was talking with very slow speech as if I was in slow motion and we both began feeling very sleepy lucky my husband was home and realized that this is not normal, he took us to the ER and from there on everything went downhill for me. I suffered so much, lost memories, constant pain, my voice, self-confidence and so much more. My husband found Scott on Google made an appointment saw Scott and was very pleased with him. Scott and his staff provided excellent service, demonstrating professionalism, caring and personal attention to all details of my case. Scott’s attitude to the work he does is impeccable, he and his staff was very informative in answering my questions and concerns, very accommodating and eased my worries. Scott worked diligently on my case saving me tones of money from my medical bills by reducing them as much as he can and got all my medical bills paid and I got a handsome amount for myself. Thanks to Scott and his staff committed to getting my bills to reduce I am very pleased with the amount I received. Overall, I highly recommend Scott he is honest, caring and will commit has a firmness of purpose and resolve to achieve your best interest.” ~Hanna 

“I was referred to Scott Snellings by my brother when I was involved in a hit and run accident, and I really appreciate my brother for that referral. I could not have asked for a better attorney than Scott. He and his team were the best. Scott was caring and I felt he had my best interest at heart. I was very pleased with the outcome and I highly recommend him.” ~Toni 

“Selecting an attorney to represent me after a neighbors dog crashed through my privacy fence and attacked me was a little daunting. This occurred twice, resulting in two surgeries over a two year period. Fortunately, I made a good choice with Scott Snellings, Rocio Hernandez, and their outstanding staff. They helped me not only to handle all the legal aspects but to get the help I needed to recover physically and emotionally from the traumatic experience I had been through. They were so caring, sincere, competent, and trustworthy I came away with not just expert representation but what I’ll always consider very close friends.” ~Fred 

“If you want someone who will fight for you, Scott is your man, he will not stop, and he will not let you get bullied by insurance companies or medical organizations. And not just that, Scott is a good man, he cares about his client’s, and when your under all the stress theses situations create, that little extra care and concern becomes monumentally important. Thank you Scott, from me and my mom.” ~Rhonda

“When needing legal advice, with understanding and compassion, Snellings Law should be your first stop. It’ll be your only stop. Scott Snellings is very knowledgeable, tough, firm and listens fully to what you have to say. No matter the extent of injury you or someone you love have experienced, please give Scott a call. He will provide you with the right care, council, advice, and concern. Get help today with someone who actually wants the best for you.” ~Donny 

“Scott was Compassionate, informative and professional, exceeding all our expectations, when my wife was involved in a near fatal accident with an intoxicated driver. Would recommend him without reservation.” ~Barry 

“I can’t say enough good things about Buress Snellings. Scott was professional, honest, hardworking. He was kind and compassionate with everyone involved. He even reviewed my auto insurance for me after the case was over to be sure I had the correct coverage moving forward, God forbid I need to use it again.” ~Jeremy


“Scott and his team are the best! Everyone is so respectful, and his team works diligently to make sure everything goes as quickly and smooth as possible! I highly recommend Snellings Law, and would not trust anyone else the way I trust this firm.” ~Caroline 

“We trusted Snellings Law PC to handle our personal injury case as a result of my wife’s auto accident in late December of last year (2016). “Trust” is the first word that comes to mind when reflecting on the work done for us by the firm, and Scott Snellings in particular. He and his staff communicated with us frequently throughout the legal and insurance processes. My wife was referred to top-quality specialists to treat her injuries from the accident. We paid no out-of-pocket expenses for any of the treatments. The final settlement for us was fair and received in a timely manner. We were happy that trial action was avoided.” ~Rich

“I was involved in a violent car accident and was unsure on what to do and who to call. A co-worker suggested Snellings Law so I did so. I could not have asked for a more professional, responsive, and ethical lawyer. Scott and his team met with me in person initially and helped guide me. They made an unpleasant experience very manageable. In the end Snellings Law delivered on their promise and exceeded my expectations!! I highly recommend and would rate 10 stars if available.” ~Casey


“Scott Snellings of Snelling Law PC is the best attorney you can have on your side when faced with the decision to hire a personal injury attorney. He was very genuine from the outset, and I can’t say enough about how professional and knowledgeable he was. He was always helpful and willing to make sure I understood what was going on during the entire legal process. I got a great result thanks to Scott and his team, and they are more than highly recommended.” ~Anissa 

“Wonderful real professional, will certain recommend your services to anyone in  need of your services.” ~Vernon 

“Very Professional, very well organized and responsive” ~Mohamed 

“I am lucky to have Scott as a mentor and friend.  As a relatively younger lawyer, it is not easy to find highly qualified and experienced lawyers who are willing to share their wisdom and expertise with a fellow professional.  Scott has helped me when I needed it the most.  His passion for helping injured people and raising the standards of the legal profession is contagious and he leads by shining example.  I look forward to continuing my professional and personal relationship with Scott – whether that’s talking about strategy on the phone or teaming up to fight insurance companies on behalf of an injured client.” ~Etan 

“Scott and his team are extremely professional and a word i rarely get to use; GENUINELY care about their clients.  All around great people” ~Matthew 

“Scott is incredibly professional and truly cares for his cause and client. Would easily recommend!” ~Nicholas 

“Scott is a super professional and knowledgeable individual! He was able to answer all my questions and was so friendly and understanding! Would absolutely recommend!” ~Natali 

“Scott provides very professional and thorough customer service.  After my car accident I was impressed that his first priority was to get me back to normal.  He did this by sending me to a specialist and to physical therapy.  He also worked hard to get me a very satisfactory settlement and kept me informed along the way.  To Scott, the well-being of the client is his top priority.” ~Joe 

“I have personally known and respected Scott for years. Our initial acquaintance has developed into a strong personal and professional friendship. When I suddenly found myself involved in a personal injury law suit that was injected into the Civil Court System, I must admit that it caused me some anxiety and trepidation. I naturally turned to my trusted friend for advice. Scott represented me with an approach that reflected his personal high standards of Character, Competence, Compassion, Courage, and Commitment. He is a man and an attorney that you can trust. I highly recommend Scott as the attorney to represent you should you find yourself in a similar regrettable situation.” ~Doug 

“I have known Scott for several years and have watched him successfully help his clients in the area of Personal Injury. The day came when I had to call him and ask him to help my Sister whom had been involved in a car accident. Called him on a Saturday afternoon expecting to leave a voicemail to be retrieved on Monday. Scott called me back immediately and said, I will talk to your Sister now, have her call me. That was just the beginning, from the time she spoke to him and her initial consultation in his office she began to sing his praises of professionalism and confidence in being able to help her. She was in physical pain and of course the Doctors had to tend to that, but she was also emotionally traumatized by the accident and the uncertainty of whats to come. Scott and his team were there for her every step of the way and really helped to get her in a place of calm so that the healing could begin. Thank you for helping my Sister and for all you do to serve others. I will continue to refer Family, Friends and Clients that need your services. Helping her truly helped me.” ~Wilkerson Insurance Agent

Hard working

“I highly recommend Scott. He took a very difficult case for me and got me the best results for my type of case. He is extremely knowledgable and was always able to answer any questions that I had. Scott is such a hardworking and professional lawyer that truly cares about his clients.” ~Traci 

“I am so thankful to Scott Snellings and his staff at Snellings Law for all of their hard work on my daughter’s dog bite case. Scott Snellings was very knowledgeable, thorough, and fought hard to get my daughter more than what I thought was even possible. On top of that, he was a pleasure to work with. I felt like he genuinely cared about us and had our/my daughter’s best interests at heart.” ~Jamie  

“I’ve known Scott for years, both professionally and personally.  He is smart and hardworking and is a true asset to the Collin County legal community.” ~Mark 

“Scott is a tireless advocate for his clients and zealously represents each of them. He devotes his time and energy to making sure he leaves no stone unturned in finding the best way to prosecute his clients’ claims. I would never hesitate to work with Scott on any chance I got.” ~An Attorney


“Thanks to Scott and the advise he gave me I was able to obtain a great settlement on my recent accident. I was advised to call him by a mutual friend and the guidance and advise he gave me resulted in a very fair settlement. I would recommend Scott and his firm to anyone who needs help with their personal injury accident. He is the best!” ~Bernadette 

“I worked with Scott Snellings directly after a bad accident. Scott put me to the front of his schedule the afternoon after the accident and arranged complete medical care with no out of pocket cost to me. As needed, he arranged for my surgery and follow up physical therapy. Eventually we were able to settle and Scott negotiated a very fair deal for me, got the medical providers to negotiate down and left me well compensated for the injuries I sustained. Scott is low key, very knowledgeable and truly wants to get the best for his clients. I highly recommend Scott Snellings for your trial lawyer needs.” ~Joe 

“We had the extreme pleasure to work with Scott and his office staff. I was involved in injury accident. Thinking that insurance companies would do the “right” thing and pay the medical bills. We realized very quickly with the property damage conversations that we needed help. Thanks to Scott and his office staff, we were well taken care of. They know the “right” thing to do and the knowledge to support you. You won’t be sorry, go visit with them and decide for yourself how great they are.” ~Lori 


“Scott Snellings and his entire staff worked so diligently on my PI case. They kept me informed frequently on the status of the case and genuinely cared about me personally throughout this past year. I would recommend this law firm for anyone who has been injured in a car accident.” ~Tammy 

“Scott represented myself and my kids after being hit from behind. The other insurance company was ruthless, Scott went after them and made them accountable for there negligence, dont know what we would have done without him. Very good about keeping us informed about what was going on. I highly recommend him.” ~Michael 

“Wonderful experience! Great with elderly people. Very informative and great to work with!” ~Susan 

“I have not ever had a good experience with any attorney when involved in an auto accident. I experienced fast responses, good communication, a very professional business. They went above and beyond for me and even though we were experiencing Covid 19 I was either emailed or called and always kept updated. They will take care of you in every way at Snellings Law! Thank you so much for all your hard work!” ~BJ

“Scott was immediately responsive taking over all details of my case. He was at my house within 24h of hospital discharge. Scott’s promptness & attentiveness allowed me to rest & recover with peace of mind, relieving me of a huge burden by handling all communication. Scott was empathetic, experienced, and skillfully knew when to act. He always kept in touch listening to my complaints, informing me of options, & proficiently presided over the entire process. I was very pleased with the outcome!” ~Maddie

“Great communication and handling of my case. Explained everything thoroughly. When I called the office I always spoke to Scott or received a prompt return call.” ~David 

“Scott and his team did an excellent job of helping me navigate the process of being injured in a major auto accident.  I was looking for local representation and found him online.  After reading the reviews, I gave his firm a call.  From that point on, they assisted me with the whole process.  We recently settled the case.  To the average person, there is a lot of unknowns when dealing with insurance providers, medical personnel, medical bills and lawyers.  Scott and his team really made the process manageable and seamless.  A special thanks to Gina who was there all along the way to pick up the phone and answer any questions I had.  Thanks for everything.” ~Erik 

“Promise made! Promise delivered Thank you Scott! Your drive to help our daughter access proper care after her accident and have our expenses covered was monumental. Your staff was excellent in providing us support as you worked diligently towards your promise! Highly recommend your professional services!!” ~Anonymous 

“Scott and his team were very effective representing my interests with a personal injury case. The detailed information provided from the initial consultation through the settlement, gave me confidence in who was handling my situation and that a quick resolution would be reached. Through emails, text messages, and phone calls I was consistently updated on progress and asked about my input. Without a doubt I would recommend the Snellings Team, and would not hesitate in using them again. Excellent Legal Professionals!” ~Christopher

“Very knowledgable and helpful. I highly recommend.” ~Mike 

“I cannot recommend Scott highly enough! He was very helpful and responsive to all of my questions. He was able to achieve a great result for me, and I knew what was going on every step of the process. I could tell he cared about me and my problems and I was not just a file number to him. He and his staff were amazing.”~Heike 

“I was involved in a pretty bad accident, and Scott and his team really helped me out. They got me the treatment/tests I needed and the compensation I deserved. I was really happy with the result, and would recommend them to anyone.” ~Kevin 

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