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According to the amputee coalition, there are nearly 2 million people living with limb loss just in the United States. Of those 2 million, 45% (900,000) of the limb loss is attributed to trauma. This does not include accident victims that have suffered mangled or severely damaged limbs that have not been amputated. While the auto manufacturers have made significant vehicle safety improvements, we still see a significant number of limb amputations as well as severely damaged limbs in the personal injury setting.

  • Car Accidents – Many times our clients have suffered some level of leg amputation due to severely damaged feet, ankles, or lower legs when they are in a severe frontal crash and there is intrusion into the area under the dash. We also see severe arm and hand damage in some of our rollover accidents. As the vehicle rolls over, the driver or passenger’s limbs can come out of the window and be crushed.
  • Motorcycle/Bicycle Accidents – These are the type of crashes where we most often see amputation type injuries. The rider is unprotected from impact with a vehicle. The most common amputations we see here are on the lower body, usually due to the striking vehicle crushing the leg, ankle, or foot.

Our clients who have suffered amputations or severely damaged limbs often needs psychological treatment as well as physical. Not only does an amputee undergo significant physical changes, but they must also deal with the psychological trauma of their new condition. At Snellings Law, we work to help our clients obtain all of the treatment they need so that they can heal in all areas. We also understand the significance of what has been taken from these clients and how to put that into words. This allows us to clearly communicate with insurance adjusters and, if needed, juries about the full spectrum of our clients’ injuries and how they affect our clients’ lives.


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