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Uneasy Riders

Do you need a lawyer to handle your motorcycle accident?

Riding a motorcycle is always exhilarating, but at times can be equally daunting. There’s nothing like the freedom of the open road, yet also a reason some grimly say, “it’s not a matter of ‘if’ a motorcyclist will be involved in a crash, only a matter of ‘when’.”

It’s true that 80,000 motorcyclists are injured each year, but responsible riders know this is more attributable to automobile negligence than the inherent unsafety of bikes. You might be an excellent rider who follows all the best motorcycle safety tips only to be injured by one inattentive driver.

That’s why motorcyclists always need extra protection – both on the road and off.

Just as riding in packs increases safety and visibility, enlisting a legal team to navigate medical/insurance/litigation challenges after an accident often improves your chances to heal and find justice.

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If you’ve been in a collision, these quick questions may clarify whether you need a personal injury lawyer:

How badly were you hurt?

Hopefully, you escaped with bruising or a mild road rash…but if you suffered broken bones, internal damage, or head trauma you should probably seek representation. More severe injuries mean additional complications, stiffer legal battles, and higher stakes for your finances and future. Don’t take a chance if you’ve been seriously hurt – consult with an attorney.

How clear is the liability?

Even though the accident was caused by a careless cager, they might spin a different story. Unless you followed our earlier tip and had a helmet camera recording your ride, insurance companies will exploit disputed facts and try to blame you for the crash. You need an experienced advocate ready to fight back.

Do you have access to medical treatment?

Many healthcare providers decline to treat accident victims, hoping to avoid insurance complications or litigation entanglements. Having the right attorney on your side can overcome such reluctance or direct you to conscientious professionals willing to help.

Are health insurance companies involved?

Health insurance is a great safety net during medical emergencies, but often a nightmare to deal with down the line. Once an insurer has covered any bills, they’ll interfere with settlements and try to seize a portion of your settlement money. An experienced attorney knows how to maximize your personal recovery.

If you’re still reading, it probably means you not only need an attorney for your motorcycle accident — you need a motorcycle accident attorney. Choosing a lawyer without the right expertise isn’t much better than going it alone. After all, you wouldn’t hire a plumber to tune up your bike!

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The differences between handling motorcycle and auto cases can be as distinct as…well, riding a motorcycle is from driving a car. We have the right experience: we know how to dissect the fact patterns, explain the injuries, and turn around unfair jury perceptions about riders. 

At the very least, call us for a free consultation. We’ll listen to your story, walk you through the process, answer any questions, and then provide a fair assessment of whether you need an attorney. As honest brokers who are only paid when we help you recover, we’ll give you a straight answer. Contact us via any of the methods below.

To hear me talk about this topic in greater detail, click on the video link. Always keep the rubber side down, but we’re to help if something goes wrong.