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Half the Wheels, twice the risk

Motorcycle injury cases present unique legal hurdles, requiring skilled representation.

When chatting about my work (which my wife says I do too much at parties), I regularly mention that Snellings Law handles a lot of motorcycle injury cases. More often than not someone asks, “Isn’t that the same as an auto case?”

Right away, I know that the group has no riders.

Which also explains why the party is lame.

Anyone who owns a motorcycle knows the world is different for those on two wheels. From insurance rates to roadway respect, injury risk, and the prejudice of public perception, everything is a little more challenging when you indulge a passion for biking.

Similar unfair obstacles emerge when seeking justice for a negligent motorcycle wreck. That’s why it’s critical to enlist a reputable personal injury firm with experience in such cases if you’re ever injured in a crash.

To explain the importance of a qualified motorcycle injury lawyer, I often highlight these three “I”s that affect compensation after a bike crash: Investigation, Injuries, and Insinuations.

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Because safety-minded motorcyclists often dump their rides to avoid careless drivers, establishing the facts and the fault of the accident can be particularly tough. Unless you were wearing a helmet cam, negligence is often disputed. (see video below) Drivers (and their insurers) will always blame the rider, claiming you rode recklessly or they didn’t see you…when they were texting and blew right through a stop. Our investigators and forensic specialists can uncover the truth and make the correct party pay. 


With little protecting riders from the road beside a helmet and layer of denim, motorcyclists tend to be injured more often and gravely than those in automobiles. Besides broken bones, we often see internal damage, head trauma, and permanent disabilities. With only one shot at compensation, it’s crucial to cover your current bills AND account for future medical needs. We know how to present your situation for the best chance at recovering what you are rightfully owed.


Another formidable challenge facing motorcycle plaintiffs is the battle against public perception. Defense lawyers invariably portray every rider as a dangerous daredevil, even when their negligent client clearly caused the collision. We have a history of successfully defeating prejudices and clearing up popular misconceptions to help juries see the truth of the matter.


You didn’t buy your motorcycle at an auto dealership, you don’t take it to an auto repair shop, and you’d never mount it atop automobile tires (unless you are a dark sider, and we have even more to discuss there) …why turn to just an auto accident lawyer after being injured while riding your bike?

If you or someone you know has been hurt in a wreck, call Snellings Law for a free consultation and further explanation of how we can help after a motorcycle accident. Also, click on the video below to hear me further address the unique challenges of this type of law.

Keep your two eyes on the road, and we’ll handle the three “I” s if you need us. Until then, please bail me out if we end up at the same party.

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