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Motorcycle Crashes Happen:

But What Happens After Motorcycle Crashes?

Motorcycles are often considered synonymous with fun and freedom, but motorcycle crashes are not. I remember watching old episodes of CHiPs in my living room when I was growing up, and I was fascinated with “Ponch” and “John.” I thought it would be so cool to not only be a police officer, but also get to ride motorcycles and chase bad guys. There were also chase scenes in each episode (usually in the middle and at the end), which often resulted in one of them crashing. On the TV show, Ponch and John were usually able to get right back up and continue their pursuit. In real life; however, that is not quite as realistic.

If we were making a list of pros and cons to riding a motorcycle, safety risk would clearly end up on the con side. With the freedom and fun that riding such a powerful machine brings comes a certain level of risk. When we consider the often erratic nature of your fellow motorists, it simply makes sense to consider the possibilities of a crash no matter how much experience you have on a motorcycle.



Reuter's Statistics About Motorcycle Crashes?

According to Reuters:

(1) the injury rate for motorcycle crashes is 3 times that of vehicle crashes;

(2) severe injuries occur 10 times more often; and

(3) motorcycle injuries result in roughly double the medical costs over the first 2 years following the crash. These statistics are likely in line with what we would expect given the fact that motorcycles simply do not have the protection and safety features that are built into most vehicles on the roadways.

Given these statistics, many people who do not and never will ride a motorcycle have pre-conceived notions of those that do. They feel that motorcycle riders must be either adrenalin junkies, some sort of crazy, or both. On the contrary, the vast majority of motorcycle owners are competent, conscientious riders. Unfortunately, many people stereotype all motorcyclists based on the very small minority of careless thrill-seekers. Oftentimes, at-fault drivers with personal liability at stake use these pre-conceived notions to try and paint an unfair and dishonest picture of how the crash occurred.

Insurance companies realize this bias is out there as well. If you have ever dealt with a personal injury claim as an injured victim, you most likely do not need to be persuaded of the ruthless self-interest demonstrated time and time again by insurance companies. They will pursue any angle and argument that might reduce their financial obligations. As such, it is best to be prepared with someone who knows how to help you tell your story and capture the evidence to support it.

Therefore, just as you take care to ensure your motorcycle is in proper running condition and that you are a properly trained and capable rider, you should also have a plan in place to deal with collisions and other riding incidents. The ramifications of these events can be complicated and financially disastrous, so it is essential to get high quality advice.

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