June 2023: Behind the Scenes

 There’s a front side and a back side to everything in life. When you go out to eat, you meet and interact with your host or hostess, who seats you, and your waiter or waitress, but behind the scenes, an entire team of individuals works hard to make the magic happen to deliver a great experience. When you head to the doctor or dentist, the same is true. You work with the front desk, nurses, assistants, and doctors, but another team works to keep everything streamlined and organized for your visit. 

Here at Snellings Law, we work diligently in the front and back to take care of our clients — we want everyone to feel at home, safe, secure, valued, and cared for. Most importantly, we want everyone to know they are heard. This all starts with ensuring we can reach everyone who needs help. 

That’s where our marketing team comes in! They are heroes behind the scenes who make sure our community knows to whom they can turn in their greatest time of need, and our marketing assistant, Erin Mobley, is an incredible asset and an integral part of that team. While she’s only been with Snellings Law for six months, it feels like she’s been with our Snellings family for years — she fits right in and is willing to jump in and help with anything and everything. Because of Erin, our firm is a brighter place. 

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