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Fort Worth Hotel Gas Explosion – How Does This Happen?

On the afternoon of January 8th, 2024, a gas explosion occurred at The Sandman Signature Hotel in downtown Fort Worth (Intersection of West 7th Street and Houston Street), causing multiple injuries. As personal injury attorneys, we call this a never event. Meaning an event like this should never, ever happen. The major incident required a large emergency response, leaving Fort Worth authorities asking citizens to avoid the area. We know this is scary and traumatic for those staying at the hotel and for those nearby who witnessed it.

This event will trigger many questions to which we will all seek answers in the next several days. Questions like:

  1. Who was responsible for this gas line?
  2. Was it being properly maintained?
  3. What safety features were in place for the workers involved and everyone else around them?
  4. Did those responsible for the lines know of any issues beforehand?

What Happens in an Explosion?

Bad things happen when there is a natural gas explosion. Catastrophic injuries occur to the people in and around the explosion. Catastrophic injuries are life-altering injuries. 

What To Do if You Were Injured

If you were injured in the Fort Worth hotel explosion, you should:

  • First and most importantly, seek medical treatment. In a catastrophic event like this, getting your injuries cared for as fast as possible is crucial. While the adrenaline is pumping, you may not know all the injuries you suffered, and getting help is important.
  • Document your injuries. Typically, this will be done through medical records. Additionally, photographing your injuries can be helpful in many ways. It can help show the extent and magnitude of them as well as show your progress as you heal.
  • Contact an experienced law firm to investigate your case. You should not be stuck with medical debt for injuries you did not ask for or cause. You need a law firm to investigate the at-fault party, outline the evidence on your behalf, and fight for justice— even if that means taking it to trial.

How We Can Help You

At Snellings Injury Law, we find it crucial that you heal physically, mentally, and financially. You have suffered through an extremely catastrophic event, and there are multiple aspects to the healing process.

Sometimes, your regular doctors and healthcare providers will not see you after a major accident like a hotel explosion. This is simply because they do not want to get involved in the legal process, and there can also be health insurance traps for them. Snellings Law has helped hundreds of individuals obtain treatment from world-class providers when they otherwise would not have been able to.

Furthermore, what you owe is not always apparent, and the at-fault party may try to get you to settle quickly. Clients often receive surprise bills in the mail from specialists they didn’t know they saw, imaging they didn’t know was done, and lab work they don’t recall. Additionally, entities like health insurance and disability coverage often want to be paid back out of settlement proceeds. These factors can combine to eat away the entire insurance company’s offer if you aren’t careful.

What is This Going to Cost?

You will pay nothing unless we win your case. Snellings Injury Law operates on a “contingency fee basis,” which means a final portion of your settlement or verdict pays your attorney fees. You will never be asked to pay anything up-front.

Snellings Injury Law’s Experience

Snellings Injury Law has an award-winning team of personal injury trial attorneys. With 30+ years of combined trial experience and millions recovered for our clients— we have the experience to help you recover.

When you hire our firm, you don’t just get one attorney on your case; you get the resources of our entire firm behind you. We will keep you updated throughout your case and ensure you are cared for.

How Long Do You Have to Take Legal Action?

You must file suit in Texas within two years of the injury-producing event. While you do have time, acting as soon as possible is important if you intend to. This allows your lawyer to investigate and find evidence while the case remains fresh. 

Hiring a personal injury lawyer sooner rather than later for your explosion-related injuries can have an exponential impact on your case.

What’s Your Next Step?

Schedule a free strategy session with our team of personal injury trial attorneys. You can reach us over the phone at (214) 387-0387 or fill out the form below. During your free strategy session, we will begin our investigation process by asking you questions and getting your side of the story. You focus on healing. We will take care of everything else.