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Hidden Figures

Are your Settlement Numbers High Enough?

Without an attorney, unseen bills can consume your injury settlement.

My parents taught me to be wary of anything that seems too good to be true.

Like when you find a great deal on airfare, concert tickets, or a phone plan only to discover the final cost inflated by unanticipated fees. The same can happen with personal injury awards without the guidance of a qualified attorney.

After an accident, insurance companies often offer quick payments to keep victims from consulting a lawyer. The settlement may seem fair on the surface. However, it rarely considers the creditors or lien-holders waiting for their share of the check.

Let me explain.

What is a lien?

A lien is like an I.O.U. entitling creditors to collect from your property or proceeds.

When a health care provider or insurer helps to cover your medical/property expenses after an accident, they can assert a lien to recoup their costs from any settlement or verdict. By law, liens are reimbursed before a plaintiff receives any payout.

So, even what appears to be a reasonable offer may be gobbled up before you receive a dime.

what you owe

The worst part is that you may not even know what you owe until after you’ve accepted the deal. That’s why you should never commit to a settlement without knowing exactly what you owe.

What can a lawyer do about hidden fees?

Qualified personal injury attorneys have experience handling insurers, negotiating settlements, and navigating the lien-holder process. We know how to keep the wolves at bay and put more settlement money into YOUR pocket.

We do this in three main ways:

Organization: We’ll efficiently uncover and assemble all outstanding debts. Thus allowing you to know precisely what you owe to others BEFORE accepting an offer.

Litigation: Armed with this information, we’ll seek a more fair award. A settlement award that fully compensates you for injuries, impairment, and suffering instead of just paying back creditors. This is exactly why defendant insurers don’t want you to contact us!

Reduction: As part of our representation, we negotiate with your creditors to reduce what they’ll accept to dismiss remaining balances and liens. By leveraging our relationships, scrutinizing bills, and securing better settlement terms, we can minimize the bites taken out of your check so you bring more home.

Hidden Figures Settlement

Hidden fees are always annoying, but never more frustrating than when you’re trying to get back on your feet after an accident. You shouldn’t have to deal with such concerns while recovering from a personal injury.

When you enlist the Snellings Law team, we take care of everything else so that you can concentrate on healing.

We won’t make any promises that are too good to be true, but promise to help you seek true justice and keep every dollar you deserve. We’ll evaluate your case free of charge, and are only paid when we help you collect.

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