Always get a crash report from your accident, if possible.

Why You Should Get a Crash Report After an Auto Accident

Get a crash report if you can!

Do you need a crash report after an auto accident?

Absolutely….if you can get it.

We understand how a collision can leave your life in chaos. Handling injuries, auto repairs, transportation, and work can all be overwhelming. Paperwork is the last thing on your mind, but getting a copy of your accident report is important.

You wouldn’t file taxes or return merchandise without the proper documentation. The same is true when filing a personal injury claim. Think of the police report as a receipt that proves you deserve recovery.

The friendly team at Snellings Law can help you navigate the process.

What is a crash report?

A crash report is the official record of a traffic accident. Created by responding officers, they may also be called a police report, incident report, accident report, or CR-3.  The form records all relevant vehicles, drivers, and insurance information from the incident. The report may also contain witness statements, diagram the scene, and even assess the cause of the crash.

Are you entitled to a crash report?

Not necessarily — sometimes a report isn’t even created.

Different police departments have different reporting policies. Some jurisdictions report every accident. Some agencies file a report only when damages or injuries are significant. Other places have no guidelines and leave it up to the officers.

To avoid confusion or ambiguity, always request a report.

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What if I didn’t get a crash report?

If you don’t receive a report at the scene of the accident, request one from the police or the department of transportation.  If no accident report exists, you may be able to file one yourself.

Most agencies allow you to report a crash if officers did not respond to the scene or create their own report. A citizen’s report (sometimes called a “blue form” or CR-2), registers your version of events and provides documentation for your insurer.

Reports should be filed within 10 days of a crash, so don’t delay. Bumps and bruises often worsen into serious injuries in the weeks after a crash. By then, it might be too late.

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Confused about where to start? The qualified personal injury lawyers at Snellings Law can point you in the right direction. Our offices are located in Frisco, TX and Sherman, TX but we have experience with police departments all across the state. There’s never a charge for consultations or questions.

When seeking justice after an auto accident, 18-wheeler wreck, or motorcycle crash, the police report is the first step in proving your case. With Snellings Law in your corner, such details are never overlooked. Our pre-litigation plan uses proven processes  to collect all facts, reports, records, and expenses.

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