Saving on auto insurance can cost you in the long run.

Cheap Insurance Can Ruin You

With all due respect to Benjamin Franklin, a penny saved isn’t always a penny earned. Cutting the wrong corner may come back to bite you. That’s especially true with insurance coverage.

Pick Wisely When Pinching Pennies

I get it. Inflation is hurting everyone.

Rising prices force us to seek savings, but trimming the wrong dollar now can prove expensive later. I see it all the time: injured folks who believe they’re protected end up with bills threatening to bankrupt them.

Don’t leave yourself exposed. It’s important to understand all potential consequences before pinching pennies on your auto policy.

Understand Your Coverage Options

At Snellings Law, we encounter clients every day who are carrying the wrong coverage. Most aren’t even sure which type of insurance they have.  Shopping online, they clicked the cheapest policy without comparing options…now they’re responsible for overwhelming expenses.


Our experienced team can help maximize recovery and find justice for injured clients, but after an auto accident or motorcycle crash it’s too late to improve your coverage. That’s why I recommend speaking with a qualified insurance agent before finalizing any policy.

Insurance consultations are invaluable for making informed decisions and don’t cost you a thing. With a quick call or zoom session, a qualified agent can walk you through various available coverages. They’ll explain how a few dollars each month can greatly increase security later and even protect against uninsured or underinsured drivers.

Take control of your financial health by fully understanding your options. Even if you decide against a particular coverage or can’t afford extra protection, you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing where you stand.

Review Your Insurance Policy

If you already have insurance but are unclear about your coverage, Snellings Law can help. Our attorneys can explain terms like PIP and MedPay and translate legalese into plain language (English or español). Call us at our Frisco, Texas office or Sherman, Texas location for a free review of your policy.


Remember, wise Ben Franklin also said, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Double-checking insurance protection BEFORE it’s needed is far better than bad news after an accident.

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Free Strategy Session Reveals How To Avoid the Traps Insurance Companies Set for Victims to Destroy Claims.


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After your Free Strategy Session, you will understand where insurance companies can set traps for you and what needs to be done to avoid these traps. You will also understand the personal injury process as well as how we can help, or if you need the help of an attorney. The strategy session typically will have one of three outcomes. You:

  1. Decide to move forward with our law firm.
  2. Decide to think about it, and we will be available to answer your questions.
  3. Say, “I’ve got this,” and decide you do not need an attorney.

Again, there is zero obligation and you will be informed and understand your rights and the process. We want to arm you with knowledge to avoid the traps insurance companies set to harm your claim.

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To hear founding partner Scott Snellings further explain how cheap insurance may not be a bargain, click on the video below.