October 2023:  Resilience and Triumph: 6 Years Kidney Strong

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Home September 2023:  ‘The Driven Crowds’ Take on Morning Routines  Six years ago, I opened the doors to Snellings Law. Filled with determination, excitement, and a bit of nervousness, I was ready to begin serving the community and helping others. However, this year also marks an important milestone — six Octobers ago, they rolled me […]

August 2023: A Timeless Reading List

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Although the summer is wrapping up, there’s still time for reading! Check out our Snellings Law Reading List for some great recommendations and ideas to finish out the season strong!

Protecting Your Family with Auto Insurance

Protecting Your Family with Auto Insurance

When we get in the car with our kids, we want to make sure we’re protecting them while driving as well. One way to do that is to make sure we have the best auto insurance coverage.

July 2023: The American Dream Blueprint

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I’ve had the opportunity to speak with many amazing individuals on The Driven Crowd podcast who say they are chasing or have realized the American dream.

June 2023: Behind the Scenes

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Home June 2023: Behind the Scenes  There’s a front side and a back side to everything in life. When you go out to eat, you meet and interact with your host or hostess, who seats you, and your waiter or waitress, but behind the scenes, an entire team of individuals works hard to make the […]