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Are Dash Cams Worth the Money?

The Classic He-Said, She-Said

Let’s reach into the bag of favorite insurance adjuster lines and pull one out – there we go! A classic! This is just a “he said/she said accident.” Ah yes, the good ol’ he said/she said. This is their go to when there are no “independent witnesses” stating who was at-fault, even if there is a crash report placing fault on their insured or we have four people in my client’s vehicle and their insured was alone and drunk. I sometimes wonder if the adjuster using the phrase even understands what it means.

Well, you can imagine how much I LOVE being able to say in my best Lee Corso voice, “Not so fast, my friend. We have a dashcam video.” The response is always a sign accompanied with a “send it on over.”

How Can a Dash Cam Help?

While dash cams may just seem like another thing to plug in and keep track of- they can prove crucial when you are involved in a crash. Since you may not be able to fend off the terrible drivers on DFW roads, a dash cam can help you avoid liability fights if you are involved in a crash. Of course, we would much prefer to focus on safety measures preventing crashes, we thought it would be helpful to spend this blog on talking through a simple measure you can take to prevent post-crash difficulties.

Having video of the crash helps in several ways. First, it is an unbiased recording of what actually happened. Now, we can argue and posture over what is on the video, but there are clearly defined and recorded events that cannot be dismissed. Next, actually seeing a collision occur allows the adjuster, opposing counsel, and jury to see the impact. I have yet to see a video of a crash that did not show a severity much larger than how the at-fault party described it. When the evaluating party has the ability to see the severity of the impact, it typically adds value to the claim.

What System Should You Buy?

While you usually can’t cover all the angles of your vehicle, there are some systems that have multiple cameras with different views (such as front & back). At the end of the day, it is most important to cover the front angle as it can be the most questionable when it comes to fault.

There are many dash cams available for purchase, but you don’t have to go for the fanciest one. There are many affordable options that won’t break your bank. If you are looking to get an expensive unit, there are plenty available that offer 4K, multiple cameras and GPS capabilities. We recommend doing your research and comparing different models to find the dash cam that best suits your set-up. Spend what you are comfortable spending and find a brand you like.

Technology has improved for dash cams and most of them offer HD recording. While you may not have a witness to testify as to what happened during the accident, you can have a camera that captures the whole thing and shows it from your perspective. This can help to resolve your claim muck more quickly and efficiently.

Cameras for Motorcyclists

If you are a motorcycle rider, we suggest looking into Go-Pro mounts for your bike or your helmet. Since your camera is going to be exposed to the elements, you are going to want a device that can withstand the high winds and rain. If you would like to learn a little bit more about cameras on your motorcycle, check out our video: “Record While You Ride”.

We highly recommend investing in a dash cam, but once again- it doesn’t have to be the nicest model. Even if you are on a motorcycle and need something a little nicer, check into used ones on eBay, or shop for older models. While a list of features is nice, you really just need something that works and does what is says.

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