April 2024: Passion, Dedication, and Growth

 At Snellings Law, we firmly believe that the strength of our team defines our success. We take great pride in recruiting the best talent, individuals who align with our core values and are dedicated to prioritizing our clients’ needs. As we continue to grow, the addition of key team members is increasingly instrumental in ensuring the seamless delivery of our services. Thus, we are proud to introduce Shawna Palmer-Soto, our new case manager! 

Shawna joined our team almost a year ago, and her journey has been nothing short of remarkable. Just before graduating from her associate’s program with aspirations of becoming a paralegal, we were fortunate to welcome her to our family. In her role as a case manager, Shawna wears multiple hats, taking charge of various responsibilities to facilitate smooth communication with our clients and effectively manage their cases. 

“I am loving it here,” Shawna shares enthusiastically. “I never knew I’d develop such a passion for this field, and I’ve learned so much in such a short time. The team I work with feels like family. We are really tight-knit, and everyone works together to ensure the very best for our clients.” 

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