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Back when I was single, I remember driving on one of our local highways one Christmas morning. I was on my way to my parents’ house and traffic was light. I came upon one of our many DFW highway interchanges that takes you what feels like 500 feet in the air when a car in the far left-hand lane swerved across 6 lanes of traffic, pulled directly in front of me, and then slammed the brakes. Thankfully, my cat-like reflexes took over and I didn’t slam into him. Okay, so I don’t have cat-like reflexes, but I did have a huge adrenaline rush and stood on top of my brakes. After politely wishing him well as he must certainly be lost in my mind, just like all of you reading this would do I am certain, I looked down to see his license plate. It was from…NEW YORK CITY (you have to read that like they said it in the old Pace Picante Sauce commercials – #getarope).

Unfamiliar Distractions

People traveling in unfamiliar areas are often not the most attentive to what is going on around them. While audible GPS directions are certainly helpful, many drivers are simply distracted by trying to figure out where they are going and not at their most attentive to their
surroundings. During the holiday season, many people are traveling to see their families, friends, and loved ones. Many of these road trips can cross state lines and open up a can of worms if you end up in a car accident.

Car Accident FAQs

When this happens, we typically hear several common questions:
Can I make an injury claim for a Texas car accident if I am not a Texas resident?
The answer is yes. On a side note, I rarely get to say Yes to questions because there are usually variables that make it more of an “it depends” kind of answer…so I relish my chances when they come my way.

Car Crash While Visiting Texas

Should I hire a Texas attorney or an attorney in my home state?

Of course, this would be the next question…it depends. Many personal injury victims have great difficulty obtaining medical treatment. Other than certain emergency rooms, most medical providers do not HAVE to see you, and many refuse to care for car accident victims. If
you are going to seek treatment in your home state, then you may want to look at an attorney there to help you obtain treatment. If you do end up filing a lawsuit, then you will need a Texas licensed attorney at that point. Many Texas attorneys can help you obtain treatment in your home state or work with an attorney in your home state to ensure you are able to receive the treatment you need. Some people prefer hiring a Texas attorney so that they are up to speed on the claim throughout the entirety of the process.

If the crash happens in Texas, do I have to file suit in Texas?
It depends. A court must have personal jurisdiction over the defendant. If there is no personal jurisdiction, then the court cannot hear the case. For instance, if you are from NEW YORK CITY (you read it like the Pace commercial, didn’t you?), and a Texas driver hits you, then the Texan most likely doesn’t have “minimum contacts” in NEW YORK CITY (okay, I will stop). By the way, minimum contacts is way more complicated than the term sounds. There are several other jurisdictional considerations to examine as well. As a default answer though, your lawsuit would most likely have to be filed in Texas.

While no one wants to be involved in a car accident at all, it can often times be made that much worse when you are not in your home state  and must deal with the additional burdens that brings. Thankfully, today’s technology allows communications and virtual meetings to be a  breeze if you are hiring an attorney in a different state than your own.

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The Snellings Law team wishes each of you a very happy and SAFE holiday season, especially those of you from NEW YORK CITY!


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