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Unseen Scars: The Psychological Impact of 18-Wheeler Crashes

The massive momentum involved in truck crashes often produces devastating physical injuries. However, that’s far from the only damage they cause. The terrifying nature of such overwhelming encounters leaves long-lasting emotional trauma.

I’ve seen this psychological impact up close.

Life Lessons

My very first case as an intern involved two little girls who survived a truck accident that had taken both of their parents’ lives. It was a harsh introduction to the way 18-wheelers can destroy lives as easily as bodies.

I also witnessed the difference that kindness, therapy, and effective representation can make in the wake of grave tragedy.

The lawyer on that case (a mentor of mine) demonstrated the value of compassion and attentiveness by making the girls’ well-being his primary concern. He taught me that a personal injury attorney’s duty is making clients’ lives whole in every respect, a lesson I try to live to this day.

Beyond fixing vehicles or paying medical bills, we strive to help the injured move forward. No one can bring back lost loved ones, but finding justice and providing for all physical and psychological treatment can ease burdens and help victims reassemble their lives.

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Traumatic Symptoms

That’s why we pay special attention when a client comes to us after being injured in a truck accident.

Even truck crashes that are less catastrophic can leave survivors nervous, anxious, or frightened long after all bones have healed. Those who experience more horrific collisions often suffer flashbacks, avoid roads where 18-wheelers may be present, or even find themselves unable to watch trucks on TV.

These specific difficulties are in addition to conventional PTSD symptoms that can be expected after the shock of a crash.

Get the Right Medical Help, Get the Right Legal Help

When your mental and physical recovery are on the line, don’t take any chances: find a reputable personal injury attorney with a proven record handling truck accidents. You need representation that can establish fault, accurately depict the extent of your injuries, and is familiar with all relevant commercial carrier regulations.  

Snellings Law possesses precisely this experience, and supplies it through a compassionate team. From the very first client contact, we work to assess physical injuries and evaluate trauma so you can get the help that you need. That’s the core of our focus on healing.

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If you or a loved one has been involved in an 18-wheeler crash and suffer psychological repercussions, please get help. If you need assistance with your legal claim from experienced attorneys who understand what you’re going through, contact us via any of the methods below. Consultations are always free.

For more of my thoughts on recognizing the invisible scars of emotional trauma, click on the video link below.

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