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Rental Properties & Premises Liability

Living at a rental property can prove entirely frustrating when your landlord doesn’t properly maintain your property. If your property has serious issues or damages that the landlord has neglected to fix- you may be able to sue for damages. It is important to remember that these cases take a lot of time and evidence gathering, so the case has to be quite serious, such as inadequate maintenance or defective living conditions that have caused you serious injury.

Grounds of a Premises Liability Case

Many things such as faulty stairs and elevators, defective fire alarms, smoke detectors or fire sprinklers, inadequate building security that led to an assault, and chemical exposures can lead a plaintiff to sue a property owner for premises liability. It is important that you are provided a clean and safe environment in which to live when you sign your lease. If your landlord neglects to do so, and you suffer serious or catastrophic injuries due to the landlord’s neglect of the property, you may be able to file a civil law suit against them.


Premises Liability Lawyer

Cause & Effect

There has to be a cause-and-effect situation in a premises liability suit for personal compensation, for example, the landlord provided faulty fire sprinklers that failed to activate and save the tenants belongings. If you haven’t been seriously injured or had your property damaged- then there are little grounds for a law suit. If you notice negligence from your landlord, you can file a complaint to the Texas Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Working the Case

Premises Liability cases are not straight-forward, and they require a lot of time and effort. Gathering evidence, interviewing witnesses and studying up on case law relevant to your case can take quite a bit of time. Lawsuits are never quick either, so don’t expect your court date to be for a while. It is important you find an attorney that is knowledgeable of premises liability law- as well as one that’s dedicated to your case. Find a lawyer that’s communicative and has the skill to handle your case.


Get the Help You Deserve

Without a great personal injury trial attorney your chances of winning a premises liability suit are a lot lower. Many personal injury attorneys are trained in premises liability law and have the knowledge and experience to navigate the tricky subject. Make sure you can trust your lawyer as well, you and your lawyer will be working as a team on your case- and if you can’t trust them, it’s not going to work. To make the whole process easier, find an attorney that you find trustworthy, honest and experienced.

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