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Quantifying Quality of Life

Quantifying Quality of Life - what does that mean?

In an old comedy routine, a patient asks if they’ll be able to play the piano after recovering from their injuries. When the doctor assures that it won’t be a problem, they reply with surprise, “Odd – I couldn’t play piano before.”

It’s a funny joke, but real impairment injuries are no laughing matter.

Most folks are familiar with the primary damages recoverable after a personal injury: medical bills, lost wages, property destruction, and pain/suffering…but victims are entitled to money damages for any consequences that seriously impact their lives.

This includes physical impairment.

An injury that reduces your physical abilities or emotional enjoyment takes something away as surely as one that keeps you from working. That’s why Texas law allows claims for physical impairment — to compensate victims for their diminished ability to participate in non-work activities.

Guitar Impairment 01

Impairment Injuries and Activities​

For instance, I can’t play piano but I do play the guitar…badly. Music will never earn me a dime, but strumming is fun, helps me blow off steam, and is important to my mental health (even though it drives my family crazy). An accident that broke my arm or wrist and left me unable to play would be a serious blow to my lifestyle.

You should never lose a major part of your life due to another’s negligence.

Our clients are often golfers, hikers, artists, or musicians left unable to pursue their joy after an accident. We make sure that their hardship is recognized.

Impairment Activities 02 LINE

It’s important to note that impairment claims cover more than recreational skills, they can include any affected day-to-day activities: from the ability to hold your kids (or have more) to simply sitting or walking without pain.

Even a minor injury can leave serious lingering effects, so be sure to note and document all limitations you experience. Tell your doctor, tell your lawyer, and never settle a case before addressing every aspect of your loss.

Impairment Damages for Serious Injuries​

Impairment damages often involve hobbies and recreational activities, but are about far more than fun and games; they address the very real impact of injuries on your quality of life. At Snellings Law, we take that element seriously.

If you’ve suffered a personal injury that’s affected your quality of life in addition to damaging your body, give us a call and let us help secure all the compensation you’re due.

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