Painting a Fuller Picture

With Bedroll and Beans

 I was initially deep in thought working through the details of some legal issue when my mind wandered off topic and into trying to figure out if I was courageous, foolishly optimistic, or flat out naïve for leaving a good-paying job to go out and start a new law firm. As my mind continued wandering, I heard the front door open. I stood and looked down the hallway where I saw my dad carrying a painting with his big smile.

“Hey bud, I brought you a little something for the new office.” As he turned it around, I saw a G. Harvey painting in a textured greyish frame. It immediately reminded me of my childhood. Growing up, my dad loved G. Harvey paintings and had a few around the house. As a young boy, I remember staring at them, admiring the horses and cowboys and thinking how tough those guys must have been. 

The one my dad brought me was different, though…