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At Snellings Law, we handle a range of personal injury cases, representing victims who have suffered impairment or death in a variety of unfortunate ways: negligent child care, motor vehicle accidents, motorcycle, bicycle, and pedestrian accidents, and more.

But finding a fit with an attorney isn’t like hiring a mechanic or accountant; it’s not only about WHAT a lawyer does, but also WHY they do it. Beyond qualifications and experience, you need a passionate advocate who understands the impact of loss and recovery on your life.

Let me tell you a bit about our motivation, so you can judge if we’re the right firm for you.

“Why do you do what you do?”

I get this question all of the time — usually asked with genuine curiosity, sometimes subtly intended as an insult.

Personal injury attorneys often get a bad rap, finding themselves mocked in crude jokes or labeled as unfeeling ”ambulance chasers.” It’s an occupation many folks make fun of…until they find themselves in need. That’s when they discover that personal injury lawyers fight for the little guy, defending their rights and improving their lives in the face of daunting opposition.

Helping the underdog and doing what’s right has always been irresistible to me.

“Why do I do what I do?”

I first learned how an attorney can make a positive difference during a summer job back in college. Having always wanted to help others, I was planning to become a doctor before interning at a law firm for a man who would become my mentor.

During my time at his side, I observed his devotion to helping two sisters who’d lost their parents to a reckless truck driver. This lawyer was fierce with defendants, compassionate with his clients, and burdened by the grief of the case, but never lost sight of the big picture or lost contact with the girls.

“In this field, we deal with some of the saddest situations the world can dish out,“ he told me.
“There’s no shame if you can’t handle it…but if you can, you have a chance to help a lot of good

Not long after that, I applied to law school and started pursuing my calling.

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“Why do we do what we do?”

It’s easier to make a difference as part of a team, which is why Snellings Law is staffed with a caring crew that shares the same core values. To re-center our goals and re-energize our commitment, I often ask this very same question: “Why do we do what we do?”

Every team member has a personal answer, but their responses consistently touch on two themes:
1) We love helping and serving others;
2) We hate seeing people taken advantage of.
These mutual motivations are expressed in several ways.

We love helping and serving others

My faith and my upbringing have each imparted a deep obligation to service. It’s a commitment I’m fortunate to honor through my profession, my personal life, and together with the whole Snellings Law family.

Helping victims find justice and the means to repair their lives is extremely rewarding, but represents only a portion of our endeavor. Our dedication to clients continues beyond trials or settlements; we offer assistance through the entire recovery period…and often remain friends long after.

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Our devotion to service also extends well beyond the office, expressed via monthly service projects, community assistance, and support for area nonprofits. Personally, I provide pro-bono counsel to the local Children’s Advocacy Center and have served on boards for volunteer, rotary, and health advocacy groups. Recent team projects have found our staff supporting first responders, frontline healthcare workers, and organizations like Meals on Wheels and Toys for Tots.

Law is our profession, but service is our passion.

We hate seeing people taken advantage of

I. Hate. Bullies.

I guess everyone hates bullies, except perhaps other bullies…and I bet even they hate themselves. But I have always been particularly bothered when brutes feel they can exploit others.

Thankfully my job allows me to even the odds. Fighting for injury victims often means taking on big corporations. It might be a company that sold a hazardous product, operated unsafe facilities, or put a dangerous vehicle on the road.

These suit-wearing bullies rely on armies of lawyers and endless resources to intimidate victims and avoid accountability…but a determined legal team knows how to level the field.

our purpose

Most often, it’s insurance companies exploiting the system to avoid doing what they know is right. Even when their clients have admitted fault, injuries are obvious, medical bills are reasonable, and settlement demands are fair, these giant companies try every trick to delay inevitable payments or ambush unprepared attorneys at trial.

Insurers regularly take advantage of victims and even undermine their own clients by dragging the litigation process through endless unnecessary rounds of paperwork, depositions, and mediations.

We. Hate. This.

In fact, some of our attorneys once worked for insurers – they understand these underhanded tactics and intentionally switched sides to stop them.

We recognize that while time and money mean nothing to faceless corporations, they’re crucial to clients in need. That’s why we diligently work our cases from the beginning as if we’re going to trial. By showing insurers that we mean business and aren’t afraid of facing work or a jury, we’ve had success securing speedier resolutions with less burden put on the plaintiff.

Just like on the playground, once someone stands up to the tough guy, it’s the bully who usually backs down. We’re not heroes, just doing what’s right and aiding those in need.

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