October 2021: 4 Years Kidney Strong

For many, October means Halloween, the start of cooler temperatures, or pumpkin spice latte season. However, for me, October now carries a whole new meaning. You may recall, from previous October editions, that October is the anniversary of my kidney transplant. On Oct. 31, 2017, they rolled me back for my kidney transplant. In past editions, I introduced you to my donor and to my doctors and expressed my gratitude toward them in what likely was the most difficult time of my life. This October, as I stand four years kidney strong, I’d like to discuss my “Big Ask” and recognize everyone who selflessly, without hesitation, took the first steps to saving my life.

Having grown up an only child, I consider myself to be very independent. Thus, having to ask for help in general does not usually come easy for me, although I have gotten better at it over the years. The “Big Ask,” as professionals have coined the act of asking others if they  would get tested to find out if they are a potential kidney donor, terrified me. The thought of asking to burden anyone to help me is never comfortable, but to ask them to give me a kidney and  undergo a major operation and recovery — my gosh, that’s horrifying — yet, I had to do it. “Hey there, can I trouble you for your extra kidney?” It’s just not an easy thing to ask anyone.

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Kidney Strong