November 2020 Newsletter: Thankfulness

“I am so very thankful that all of our team and their families have managed to stay safe and COVID free this year. We were able to make the transition from being at the office daily to working from home without missing a beat, and I am incredibly thankful for our team’s ability to make that happen. This past year, we have been privileged to help some amazing and unique individuals and families. It is such an honor to have people place their trust in us to help them with their personal injury claims, and we are all so very thankful for and appreciative of our clients. On a personal level, I am thankful for the additional time with family we have had this year. Getting to enjoy breakfast with the kids, eat lunch with my family, and ‘get home’ early has been a true blessing.”

-Scott Snellings

“I am forever thankful for my healthy family, especially after this crazy year! Right before COVID, my dad underwent two procedures to have two different heart stents put in. He is doing well and is still enjoying his whiskey. We just welcomed two new cousins on the Perry side — Burkelee Jordan and Perry Bruce! I am also forever thankful for getting the opportunity to work at Snellings Law! I have been with the firm for seven months now and am learning every day!”

–Alyssa Perry

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Snellings Law November 2020