May 2024: Celebrating TBI Survivor Moms this Mother's Day

Being a mom is hard. Our moms raise us, shape who we are, teach us about life, nurture us, and love us unconditionally. Many moms work full time and come home to various duties around the house to help their kids survive and thrive. I know my mom and wife are always exhausted at the end of the day, and yet, they get up the next day and do it all again because there aren’t any days off when it comes to being a mother — it’s a 24/7 responsibility.

Now, imagine suffering a brain injury. How much harder would that make your life and responsibility as a parent? Everyday tasks you used to accomplish without a thought become intentional and slow.

We have had the privilege of serving numerous moms who suffered traumatic brain injuries (Bls), and they are some of the most inspiring women we have ever worked with. Helping those moms and TBI survivors pick up the pieces after a devastating accident and adjust to their “new normal” is truly fulfilling. Oftentimes, these moms deal with difficulty thinking, remembering, organizing, and planning ahead. Imagine just trying to get the family out the door for a kid’s baseball game. Is their uniform prepped and clean? Are snacks packed? Do you have sunscreen? Does your child have all of their equipment and directions to the field? What time do they need to be there?

Add in the fact that many of our TBI victims suffer from significant fatigue and headaches as well as other physical challenges. Perhaps the most difficult part is that many times, TBI victims appear to be perfectly fine on the outside and don’t get the benefit of other’s patience like you would if you had a cast or were in a wheelchair.

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