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Keeping Kids Safe

A primary passion at Snellings Law is childcare injury assistance – representing families with kids who’ve been hurt while entrusted to another’s supervision (at daycare, after-school care, summer camps, etc.).

It’s not a glamorous field, but it’s important work and a chance to make a difference.

It’s also personal.

Keeping Kids Safe

Growing up in daycare

Both of my parents worked when I was a kid, so I grew up in daycare. I had fun in some good facilities, but also endured several bad ones. Thankfully, I never suffered any serious injuries or was hurt due to negligence…but I witnessed others who were.

I don’t mean rambunctious bumps and bruises that come from everyday playtime, but kids seriously harmed due to staff neglect, recklessness, or malice.

Later in life, I learned that these incidents occur far more often than reported. Also, that very few lawyers have the interest or expertise to bring this kind of case. Worse yet, many parents are misled or flat out lied to regarding how their child was injured.

This frustrating injustice and lack of accountability motivated my team to say “enough is enough!” We have dedicated ourselves to the cause.

We are parents

Every attorney in our firm is a parent, and each takes this issue very seriously. We know the pain of letting young kids out of your sight. The fear that something might harm them. Also, the guilt if something does. By holding unsafe facilities answerable, we help victims get proper care and personal closure while putting providers on notice.

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Childcare Injuries in Texas

The problem is especially serious in Texas, where almost 90 children died in daycare centers over the past decade. Nearly 500 are seriously injured each year, even as the federal government looks to rapidly expand pre-K care and local entities slash oversight.

These injuries occur in several ways: 

  • poor supervision
  • insufficient staffing
  • improper hiring
  • negligence
  • physical/emotional/sexual abuse
  • result of unsafe conditions

You shouldn’t have to worry about these dangers, but should be prepared if they arise…and attentive so that signs don’t go unnoticed.

Physical injuries carry obvious indicators, but the scarring from other abuses can be subtler. If you notice behavioral changes, developmental regression, fear of caretakers, or increased nightmares, be sure to speak to your child.

If you suspect that injuries or abuse have occurred in the care facility, you should:

  1. Get help. Your child’s welfare is always the priority, so be sure to provide all medical attention, psychological counseling, and emotional support required.
  2. Document evidence. Dangerous facilities continue to operate by concealing their unsafe practices – do what you can to record injuries, document conditions, and find witnesses who will attest to the truth.
  3. Seek justice. Only by holding providers responsible can we break the cycle of victimization. Snellings Law has experience exposing offenders – we can help you report the incident with the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services, and file a civil action if warranted.

And for more thoughts on why the subject is important to us, watch this video discussing our commitment:

Keeping Kids Safe

It’s our duty as parents to protect our children at all times by ensuring the safety of their environment…and in doing so, we also protect every other child who follows.

We’ve found that civil actions are often the only way to make a difference: complaints to providers are buried, reports to backlogged officials are overlooked…and even when penalties are handed down, the average fine is only $112.

We can do more. Let us help you, and together we can help others by going after bad childcare facilities and keeping our kids safe.