June 2021: Our Core Values Drive Us Forward


 Core values are important drivers of any business. In our May edition of the newsletter, we introduced you to our six core values — the values we live and work by. These values guide us as we work with clients, our community, and one another. Our core values are:

  • Do What Is Right
  • Improve Safety
  • Serve Others
  • Read, Learn, Grow
  • Put Family First
  • Take Ownership


 In this edition, we invited Katy, one of our paralegals, to share what “Take Ownership” means for us as a law firm and for herself …

I chose to talk about our core value of Take Ownership this month simply because it’s my personal favorite out of our six core values. I feel it’s the most unique. It serves as a foundation for how we work in general and how we work with each other. 

It also creates a unique atmosphere at the office — something you don’t often find in other workplaces. That is to say, take ownership means we are encouraged to “take ownership” of not just our firm successes but also any problems or other issues that arise. This means we all learn from and work to solve or prevent problems or issues from happening again.

Click here to learn more about what it means to take ownership!

Core Values Drive Us Forward