July 2023: The American Dream Blueprint

No matter where their passions lie, driven individuals tend to surround themselves with other driven people. I’ve had the opportunity to speak with many amazing individuals on The Driven Crowd podcast who say they are chasing or have realized the American dream. In interviewing each of these people and breaking down what drives them and how they overcome failures and setbacks, I’ve come to see that they all have certain common traits, a blueprint if you will.

While many traits, hobbies, and passions are shared amongst the majority of them, I’ll give you a handful of commonalities and see if you can pinpoint the rest throughout the episodes on the podcast!

First and foremost, all of our podcast guests are incredibly driven, and their drive often comes from different places. Whether it be from childhood experiences, trauma, or an internal drive that came naturally at birth, all of them have demonstrated a long-lasting drive toward very specific goals.

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