July 2021: From Rodeos to Law School

Say Hello to Mark Murphy

If you’ve had the pleasure of getting to know law students, then you know they aren’t like your average college student. In fact, they aren’t your “average” anything — law students come in all ages, with different kinds of work and school behind them, and a wide array of life experiences. Our new law student intern, Mark Humphrey, is no exception!

Originally from Texarkana, with undergraduate degrees in history and political science at Southern Arkansas University, Mark now attends law school at University of North Texas at Dallas.

But he’s also a veteran of the professional rodeo circuit, and if you ask him about those four years, Mark gets a glint in his eye. “80 rodeos a year may sound like a lot,” he says, “but I was always looking for more.” It’s not a background you see often, especially when you consider that at 24, Mark is already young for a law student. But hard work is one kind of equalizer, and in the past month and a half, we’ve seen that Mark works hard.
Something else that endeared our team to Mark is that he came to us with a drive and passion for personal injury law. As it turns out, he knew going into law school that was what he wanted to do. “Within my hometown, I saw that there were people who had been wronged and were then struggling to get a fair and just remedy,” Mark says. “That’s what fueled my desire to go to law school in the first place, especially when I left Texarkana and realized those struggles were happening everywhere and many more people needed legal help.”

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Rodeos to Law School