January 2021: Meet 'Jimi'

We get to meet a lot of fascinating people doing this job. Over the years, we have helped many talented, smart, and downright cool people. We have come across some famous individuals, some super-secret ones, and a whole lot of incredibly interesting people. One such example is the mother/daughter duo Barbara Thomas and Rhonda Henry. When you walk into our office and turn the first corner, you will see the green and black painting of one of the greatest and most influential guitarists ever: Mr. Jimi Hendrix. A good 99% of the people that turn the corner and see this painting ask about it. After all, it’s probably not what you would expect to see in most law offices. I love it when people ask because I get to tell them about two amazing women: Ms. Barbara and Ms. Rhonda. These two are the type who you can sit across from for hours just listening to their stories — and trust me, I have had the pleasure of doing so! Ms. Barbara is the adventurous type. She used to work for the Texas A&M system, opening community centers on the Texas/Mexico border. She was also the first female post office worker to have a walking route back before mailboxes were on the street. Ms. Rhonda served in the Army as an NBC warfare specialist, obtained an art degree, and then served as a police officer, during which she was named Houston’s 100 club rookie of the year! During one of our talks, we got on the subject of guitars.

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