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Celebrating the Gift of Life

At Snellings Law, we celebrate the gift of life each Halloween. On October 31, 2017, Scott Snellings’ best friend, Jacob Thompson, saved Scott’s life by donating his kidney. Organ donation is an amazing gift! If you would like to register to be an organ donor, you can go to Read Scott’s story below.

In 2008, I had an adverse reaction to some medication, which inflamed my kidneys and caused scar tissue to form. My kidney function continued to decline until I was diagnosed with end stage renal failure and needed a new kidney. I was on the verge of dialysis and had no energy for my wife and three children. I did my best to hide what I was going through, and most people had no idea I was the least bit sick. I worked hard running my business and regularly served at my church and in other organizations. Despite all of this, my kidneys simply could not keep going. 

I met Jacob my freshman year at Baylor University, and we have been best friends ever since. As soon as word came down that my kidney function was bad enough for insurance to pay for a transplant, Jacob asked me without hesitation what he needed to do to get tested. He signed up via Baylor’s Live Donor website and they took his blood. He was a match. After a few more follow-up tests, he was given the go ahead to donate his kidney to me. We scheduled the date, and on October 31, 2017, the amazing doctors at Dallas Transplant Institute performed the surgery. Jacob was released from the hospital two days later, and I followed the next day. (The photo below is 5 days post surgery.)

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My story is quite rare. Most individuals in need of a kidney cannot find a living donor. The requirements are pretty strenuous so as not to cause any health issues to the donor. Therefore, many people in need end up on the transplant list. Currently, the number of people waiting for an organ donation is over 117,000. Of those, 83% need a kidney.

Please consider becoming an organ donor if you are not already. You can register in about one minute at Please also consider getting tested to see if you are a match to a friend, loved one, or even an acquaintance in need.
In a world filled with sickness, tragedy, and despair, you can be a hero in every sense of the word – just like my hero – Jacob Thompson.

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