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Helping your attorney gather evidence to document and prove every aspect of your claim is critical to recovering full value. In fact, that is one of the most important concepts we cover during our new client meeting. Usually, we find that most people understand the importance of evidence in proving a claim or position from reading books, watching television shows, and even in trying to prove our own points during an argument. We spend significant time with our clients on what types of evidence are most persuasive and are admissible in Court.

Reporting Injuries​

One specific area that our clients often fail to document, especially if they do not contact us immediately after their crash, relates to their injuries. While this comes as a surprise to some of our clients, insurance adjusters will not just take your word regarding your terrible bruise that looked as though you were hit with a bag of bricks. Cuts and bruises heal over time. Without photographic evidence of them, you cannot show the adjuster the severity of a bruise, cut, etc. or even a jury on down the road. Many times, doctors simply fail to note bruising or lacerations in their records if they are focused on larger more severe injuries. Photographs of lacerations and bruising are not just helpful to show the severity of an impact to your body, but also to show how the body may have moved within the vehicle and what parts of your body made contact with the vehicle during the crash. Once the bruises and lacerations heal, the evidence of their severity is gone.

Gathering Evidence​

It is also important to take photographs of stitches, staples, casts, etc. While the medical records will surely note severe injuries and how they were treated, a photograph paints a much better picture. As a juror, would you better understand a victim’s injuries by reviewing medical records or by seeing photographs of the injuries?

At Snellings Law, our entire practice focuses on helping personal injury victims. From our very first conversation with a potential client, we work to help put them in the best position to get the treatment they need and obtain the full value of their personal injury claim. We do this by focusing on preparing a claim for trial from the outset regardless of whether a lawsuit must ever be filed. If you or a loved one has been injured due to someone else’s negligence, please call us to set up your free consultation at 214-387-0387.

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