February 2021 

What the next generation of lawyers think!

The next generation of lawyers – Meet Our Intern, Dani! 

When I was a kid, I didn’t expect to be in the next generation of lawyers. I watched a lot of news with my parents and listen as they talked about politics. It was interesting to hear their perspective on things going on in Texas and around the world. This planted the seed that eventually led to my interest in law. 

In middle school, and after keeping up with so many current events, I started to develop my interest in law. I decided that after college, I would turn my attention to becoming an attorney. This is one of the reasons why I decided to attend the Career and Technical Education Center in Frisco — it would give me the education I needed as I prepared for my undergraduate degree and eventually a law degree.

The classes at the CTE Center are all career-based. As a freshman, I focused on government and public administration. Sophomore, I focused on political science. Then junior year, I participated in mock trial. This year, as a senior, I applied for an internship with a local law firm which brought me to Snellings Law to start my career in the next generation of attorneys.

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Next Generation of Lawyers