December 2020 Newsletter: The Spirit to Adapt

As any personal injury lawyer intimately knows, any of us can be a victim of someone else’s negligence at any time — no matter how diligent and careful we remain. All of these situations force people to adapt, from the injured and those around them. When tragedy strikes, it is easy to crater and think life is ruined. That is one of our many natural instincts. However, that is typically not what we see in our line of work.

I cannot count the number of times I have been inspired and even moved to tears by the resilience our clients have shown. We’ve seen clients not just fight to recover, but adapt in extraordinary ways. Some have changed career paths due to a disability that destroyed their ability to continue in their chosen field. We have seen families adapt to provide for a family member who now needs around-the-clock care to provide the best situation for them. We have seen a family turn the loss of a loved one into changing a community for the better through establishing charities and fighting for change.

I am convinced that the resilient spirit to adapt resides within each and every one of us. We preach it at our firm, my wife and I preach it to our children, and I grew up with it being preached to me. As we approach Christmas and the holiday season, let me encourage you. Instead of focusing on the negative situations in your life, adapt and look for things for which you can be grateful. We each have been blessed. Find those things and express thanks for them…

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December 2020 Newsletter