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Credibility is Everything

We all have that one friend with questionable credibility, who tends to be a bit of an exaggerator. Sometimes, their stories may even move from exaggerations…to flat out being made up! While they are usually quite entertaining at parties and tell great stories, they would probably be at the bottom of your list of trustworthy people when the facts are critical. Every attorney has stories about clients who have told half-truths, left out important information, or simply made stuff up when they did not know the answer to a question.

When you are an injured victim involved in a personal injury claim, your credibility means everything. If an adjuster picks up on inconsistencies in your story, exaggerations, or flat-out lies, then the value of your claim will suffer tremendously. Likewise, if a jury does not believe you or does not view you as trustworthy, they will often use that as an excuse to not hold the defendant fully responsible for all of the damage he has caused.

Importance of Honesty

The importance of being completely honest extends to communicating with your attorney as well. Withholding information, or not being truthful in any other manner with your attorney, is similar to going in for your yearly physical and not reporting a chronic issue you have been experiencing to your doctor. Some people are scared of reporting such things because they might get a bad diagnosis. The only thing not being completely truthful accomplishes is creating delay. It delays getting the needed treatment or finding out there is nothing wrong or serious in the first place.

This same logic holds true for your attorney. If an injured victim has some bad facts, they may be tempted to withhold them from their attorney. It is incredibly likely through today’s discovery rules that the bad facts will come out during litigation. If your lawyer does not know the bad facts, he cannot defend against them or create a game plan to deal with them at the appropriate time.

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