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An Ounce of Prevention

A Mission to Keep Kids Safe

I became a personal injury lawyer to help those most in need, and after spending much of my youth in daycare centers I’m particularly protective of kids.

My working parents did their best to find good child care, and I was generally fortunate with the standard of care…but not every kid is so lucky. Nearly 500 kids suffer serious injuries in Texas child care facilities each year[1], often due to negligence or abuse.

We say enough is enough. That’s why the family-oriented team at Snellings Law focuses on daycare injury cases.

While we’re privileged to help victims find justice after the fact, the best approach is averting such tragedies before they ever occur. That’s why we assembled a free downloadable guide to aid parents searching for safe daycare.

Searching for a Safe Daycare

Shopping for a daycare provider can be a real challenge. Many facilities seem similar, and all strive to impress prospective clients…but once you know what to look for, it becomes apparent that not all are created equal.

With a few easy tips, you can learn to spot questionable operators and identify which centers will most value your child’s safety. Our guide will help you to:

1. Screen security procedures

Daycare providers must keep kids safe from dangers both inside and out. This includes limiting access to the property and screening or identifying all visitors. We’ll show you how to ensure that proper procedures will keep your children safe until you pick them up.

2. Assess staff and hiring practices

Caregivers are the most essential element of a positive daycare experience. You need to be confident that all employees have been vetted, that staffing is sufficient, and that supervisors are selected for their qualifications and passion.

3. Confirm coverage and legal compliance

The Texas Department of Family and Protective Services enforces standards for daycare facilities of all sizes, whether licensing, registration or listing. Our guide explains which requirements apply to each type of child care and the importance of assessing insurance coverage, as well as the importance of accreditation.

4. Evaluate compatibility

Even a great daycare facility might not be right for every child. Be sure that your kids will be comfortable and happy in the environment where they’ll spend many hours. We have some tips for checking the fit.

5. Know your rights

Texas law grants broad rights to the parents of children in daycare. You’re entitled to inspect facilities, access internal documents, and receive notification of incidents involving your child. The guide spells out these rights and how to exercise them.

Making a Difference

No selection process is perfect, but our tips will supply additional insight and help you ask the right questions to get a firmer grip on the task. You can download it here.

Should the worst come to pass and your child is hurt in a daycare incident, be sure to have the facts reviewed by a qualified personal injury attorney. As one of the few Texas firms focusing on child care injury cases, Snellings Law has experience exposing unsafe conditions, helping victims recover, and forcing improvements to protect others in the future.

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[1] Austin American-Statesman investigation (December 2018)

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