August 2021: Serve Others

Lisa Shares Her Favorite Core Value

A few months ago, we invited our paralegal Katy to take over the front page of this newsletter and talk about her favorite of our firm’s six core values, Take Ownership. This month, we’re continuing the trend. We’ve asked another  one of our impressive paralegals, Lisa, to step in and share her favorite core value. Without further ado, we’ll let her get to it! 

I have a strong connection to all of our core values here at Snellings Law: Do What Is Right; Improve Safety; Serve Others; Read, Learn, Grow; Put Family First; and Take Ownership. However, Serve Others is the one that speaks to me the most. Every day when I come into the firm and sit down at my desk, I do my best to put it into practice. Everyone who works in the legal field, including me, exists to serve someone’s need. If you’re getting a divorce, a family law attorney will serve that need for you. If you’re dealing with a death in the family, a probate lawyer will serve your need. And if you’re injured in an accident, our team here at Snellings Law can serve your needs.­­

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