April 2023: Keep Greedy Fingers Out of Your Insurance Claim Settlement

If you remember your first job, then you know the feelings that came with it. It might ve telt liberating to finally make your own money so you could save for your first car or have some spending money. It also probably felt exciting to get out into the working world. At the age ot 15, I secured my very first job as a golf cart driver at a local driving range. I became the guy – in the metal-surrounded golt cart – people would aim at while I drove around and picked up golf balls.

As vou can imagine, it rang incredibly oud whenever someone dic tag the golf cart, so I usually wore headphones while collecting every ball in sight. When it came time to get my very first paycheck, I could hardly wait. Finally, my own hard-earned money! back then. made about » an hour. and after doing some quick math, I figured out exactly how much that check should be, based on the number ot hours I worked

When I hurriedly ripped open the envelope with my check inside.

I remember a chill overcoming my body as my smile dropped in confusion. The total amount was significantly less than it should have been! When checked the breakdown o† the pavcheck. tell pretty disappointed, and my tace probably said it all because m’ dad piped up and said, “What’s going on?”

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