The marketplace is filled with defective and dangerous products. The companies that design and manufacture these products must be held accountable for the injuries their flawed designs or production cause.

Some examples of the types of product liability cases we have handled are as follows:

o Airbag Injuries
o Defective Seatback Injuries
o Seatbelt Injuries
o Rollover Crashes
o Exercise Equipment Injuries
o Motorcycle Defects
o Safety Equipment Defects

When seeking an attorney to represent you for injuries suffered from a dangerous and defective product, it is important to find someone experienced in working with leading experts to fully understand where the design or manufacturing process went wrong. Oftentimes, there are boxes and boxes of documents, which may contain one single piece of paper that can blow a claim wide open. You must have a law firm willing to dig into each and every detail to fully develop your claim.

If you or a loved one has been injured by a dangerous and defective product, please call us now to set up a free consultation.