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Every year, thousands of individuals are injured or killed due to the negligence of 18-wheeler or large commercial vehicle drivers. With numerous major highways throughout the state and increased traffic through population growth, commercial freight traffic continues to increase throughout our area. As the 18-wheeler traffic grows, so does the risk that you could be involved in a crash with one of these large vehicles. At Snellings Law PC, we aggressively represent our clients and their loved ones who have been injured or killed due to the negligence of an 18-wheeler or large commercial truck driver.


Trucking companies will spare no expense in defending their drivers. They will employ a team of "experts" to quickly descend upon the scene and begin taking defensive measures. That is why it is extremely important to seek legal representation from a qualified attorney immediately. Snellings Law PC has experience defending trucking companies and understands how they attempt to limit their liability. We will immediately move into action and begin seeking the information needed to prosecute the case, as well as make sure that all potential evidence is preserved.


Trucking cases are unlike most other crashes in that there are additional safety standards and federal regulations that a commercial driver must follow. Only through aggressive claim pursuit can we determine if the driver violated these statutes and industry safety standards. We will also dig in to the at-fault company’s own safety training policies and determine if they followed their internal guidelines.


At Snellings Law PC, we are sure to investigate and work up the claim to be certain all potential responsible parties are identified. This could include not only the truck driver and employer, but also the owner of the tractor and/or trailer, entities related to the cargo or freight being hauled, the truck's manufacturer, the tire manufacturer or any other component part manufacturers.


If you or a loved one has been injured by the negligence of an 18-wheeler or other tractor trailer, cement truck, dump truck or other large vehicle, please contact Snellings Law and let us get to work for you. Timing is important, so please call us at 214-387-0387 and set up a free consultation today.


It seems that too often we read about major bus crashes where dozens of innocent passengers suffer catastrophic injuries or are even killed. Many of those crashes are preventable with proper bus maintenance, training and proper driver rest. Whether you are in a vehicle that is struck by a bus, or traveling on a bus that is involved in a crash due to the driver's negligence, we can help.


Often times, bus drivers are overworked or too tired to be driving. This leads to critical and even fatal mistakes. When someone is guiding a 20-ton vehicle down a roadway, it is imperative that their full attention be on the task at hand. Our investigations often find that the root cause of these horrific crashes are that the bus drivers are distracted or too tired to be driving. Other times we find the bus was not properly maintained and was unsafe. At Snellings Law PC, we leave no stone unturned when it comes to finding out exactly why these catastrophic crashes occur. We make sure to hold each and every entity responsible for their actions and obtain the full value for our clients' claims.


We will examine every aspect of the crash in order to determine the identity of any and all parties that bear responsibility. We will then require those entities to preserve all potential evidence that might otherwise be lost or destroyed. At Snellings Law PC, we aggressively fight to collect and maintain all potential evidence in order to achieve justice for our clients.

Please call us today at 214-387-0387 if you or a loved one has been injured in a bus crash due to someone else's negligence.